Project 4: Montage

Description: An inspirational full bleed visual image to be on display for any individuals seeking light. Process: I was able to crop the background image to 8.5×11. I placed Jesse Gardner’s picture of the beautiful sunset lit sky as a background. I learned how the selection tools (especially the lasso tool) and how they each work in their … More Project 4: Montage

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission!!

Something I’ve noticed quite frequently lately is an attitude of almost embarrassment for not serving a mission. It is not typically a discussed embarrassment but rather a look of sadness in ones eyes.

I find myself often times asking what’s up with this social pressure everyone, the brethren keep telling us that as sisters it is our choice and that is a decision that is between us and our Heavenly Father, nobody else.

Missions are amazing experiences. The vast majority of my friends are serving currently or have mission calls or are in the mission papers process currently, I know that the Lord calls us to serve in specific places at specific times because He knows much much more than us.

Sometimes I feel like Troy tumbling through the halls of East High having a complete breakdown: “I don’t know where to go what’s the right TEAM? I want my own dream, so bad I’m gonna scream!” … More I Hope They Call Me on a Mission!!

Comm 100 Week 6

Brother H – May 26, 2016 Advertising has many different components such as ads, logos, commercials, research, persuasion, and timing just to name a few. He told us about super bowl statistics these days and how depending on the age of the viewer they are most likely only watching the event for commercials. Some specific … More Comm 100 Week 6

Comm 100 Week 5

Caryn Esplin -May 19, 2016 Sister Esplin was a pleasure to listen to. She thanked the young man who volunteered for the prayer for inviting the Spirit to be with us and explained that she encouraged us that if we were to feel any promptings through her lecture, that we would act upon them. Sister … More Comm 100 Week 5

Project 3: Photodesign

Description: Compile an original photograph into a full bleed poster layout therefore demonstrating strong photography and image editing skills. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills: First of all, I formulated a plan for my poster by sketching out basic plans for the layout and photography of my picture. I went outside running with my camera and was … More Project 3: Photodesign

Comm 100 Week 4

Brother Mawlam – May 12, 2016 Brother Mawlam was very awake for a class that happens at seven o’clock in the morning! I enjoyed his lecture very much and his accent was fantastic. Coming to Rexburg, ID all the way from the United Kingdom, he is very well educated and experienced in all things video … More Comm 100 Week 4

Project 2: Event Ad

Description: A full-bleed color event ad for promoting a fundraiser using a scanner and Microsoft Word only.  Process: I found an image from Central America taken by Barbara Arroyo, I thought it fit well for this event and used Word to expand its proportion. I used teal colored boxes along and colored stripes to add … More Project 2: Event Ad

Project 1: Flier

Description: A promotional flier for a graduate leadership conference in Black and White. Process: To get a general idea of how to design my flier I looked at the flier examples online and became more observant to the many designs around me. I created sketches of my own unique fliers that I could potentially create which helped … More Project 1: Flier

La Première Semaine

Salut! Je m’appelle Nicole. Je suis de Kaysville, Utah aux États-Unis. Je suis un étudiant à BYU – Idaho à Rexburg, Idaho. J’ai étudié la langue française pour plusieurs années mais je suis encore à apprendre tout le temps. Excuser les erreurs observées s’il vous plait. Je peux être comme un jeune enfant dans mes compétences linguistiques. Ce blog “blague” est … More La Première Semaine