Comm 100 Week 1

First day of class- April 21, 2016

The first day of class sure was early. I’ve  decided to be super diligent with my GRAD Plan and Writing Workshops because I know that the end of the Semester will be much busier than the first part. As we learned about the Syllabus I realized how grateful I am to be taking this class early while I am still in the decision making process of what I would like to choose for my Communications emphasis. Right now I know that I want to work with people and I know I want to write. Some people came by from the Scroll and tried to persuade us to join! As they talked it up with the best of their abilities I felt like it was something I really wanted to explore so I dropped my multiple credit science class for a 1 credit practicum class that will be much more time consuming but oh man, I am ready for The Scroll adventure.


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