Comm 100 Week 3

Brother Lane Williams- May 5, 2016

I could tell just from listening that Brother Williams has a passion for writing. He told us that writing should be a joy. He gave five points on how to become a better writer which I think were fantastic. First of all to become a better writer he said that we need to pay attention to the writing around us. Second we should become a consumer of news by being aware, he encouraged us to get the Wall Street Journal app on our devices because we get it for being students here at BYU-Idaho.

Brother Williams is very informed because he himself is a consumer of news. Third, he gave an interesting suggestion of starting a Blog to write about each week, this is something I will definitely consider to add to my WordPress blog. He asked us to consider journalism fourth, which I am doing. Journalism is an awesome thing because it helps people to make good decisions.

The final thing that Brother Williams talked about was how right now an incredible time of change is happening especially when it comes to sharing information. He showed examples of cool websites which all told their story in a way that was fantastic whether that was through Photographs, words, animations, or other elements it was neat. Brother Williams ended with encouraging us to sweep the earth with a flood through gospel messages. As a Communications Student at BYU-Idaho it is important that I am authentic and that I edify and uplift others through technology.


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