Comm 100 Week 4

Brother Mawlam – May 12, 2016

Brother Mawlam was very awake for a class that happens at seven o’clock in the morning! I enjoyed his lecture very much and his accent was fantastic. Coming to Rexburg, ID all the way from the United Kingdom, he is very well educated and experienced in all things video related. Mawlam teaches Video& Film Production Essentials, Media Business Ownershop and Mass Media and Society. He explained to us how Hollywood is hard to get into and that if one does make it up there, that it will most likely be through unions and one will be pretty fixed in their discipline. He showed us some clips and explained some brief elements of video creation that were good basics for us to know about. I learned from him how important it is to be organized and that technology is making it so that projects that used to require an army of workers can be accomplished with a select few individuals. He encouraged us to get a paid internship and find something that we can do to help people. This lecture was exciting for me to hear about and I am currently planning on taking film courses for my communications module!


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