Comm 100 Week 7

Brother Ward Hicks – June 2, 2016

Brother Hicks was really fun to listen to, he helped me to understand public relations in an entirely different light from what I had previously known. Brother Hicks moved to Idaho from Arizona and has worked for a mining company. Brother Hicks explained that the purpose of public relations is to educate people and help individuals understand what the truth is. A definition he wrote on the board said this “Public Relations is a planned process to influence public opinion.” Brother Hicks has had a number of really neat experiences where he has had the opportunity to share, teach and educate people truths. Hicks told us about the importance of truth and how individuals in Public Relations need to listen to what the public has to say. He explained that PR includes writing, collaborating information together, writing speeches sometimes, editing, and research. He said that there are no perfect people and no perfect companies in this world.


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