Project 5: Logos


Logo Design creation for a company

It was a neat experience to create Logo’s of my own in Adobe Illustrator. After trying several drafts and ideas, I asked many individuals for a vote of which design was the best. I chose the design that was liked best  by the majority which was also my favorite, yet there were things I still needed to adapt and change. I worked with font variations to help people to know that Cherry Hill was the company name, yet also was a water park. I refined the typography and font choices, played with color schemes which fit the actual company and which were fun and exciting. This process took many drafts but turned out pleasurable in the end.

Programs/Tools Used:
Adobe Illustrator

Message: Cherry Hill is an upbeat family friendly water park.

Audience: Families and individuals who enjoy splashing around in the summer sun or lounging in a lazy river specifically on yellow inner-tubes with red handles.

Top Things Learned: How to draw using the pen tool and how important typography is.

Color scheme: Triadic    Color names: Red, Yellow, and Blue

Font Name & Category: Raleway – Medium (Sans Serif)


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