Comm 100 Week 8

Andra Hansen –  June 9, 2016

I had Sister Hansen for my teacher in the Fall semester of 2015 and I am so grateful I did because she honestly has such an inspiring way of looking at life. She talked to us about Organizational Communication and Advocacy. We learned from her that the term advocacy refers to the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending a cause of others. Something I thought was neat that we talked about was being able to communicate with those who may specialize in a different field, with their own jargon, that is definitely a skill set that I would like to develop and I know I can simply from learning from others about what they are studying. Hansen discussed how with organizational communication social issues are able to be brought to light and I really like how this deals with change. Hansen is a very passionate person and the way she expresses her thoughts both through speaking and writing has made me see how much she cares about individuals deeply. Ever since she was my teacher I have been interested and as of today I officially changed my emphasis is Organizational Communication because of the leadership possibilities, the government involvement, and the implementation of changes in the world.


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