Business Card (8.5×11 layout):


Business Card (Close up view):


Description: Letterhead and a business card that match well and are personally designed.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

The purpose of letterhead is for official communications of a company. To commence this project I sketched out many different logo options for the Fashion company “Simple Design”. I researched many fonts from free font websites and asked my friend Leo what he was looking for in this design. I created the logo using basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator and used the different tools to figure out the design that looked most classy.

I decided to design some business cards first and really saw the value of the circle just as Leo had requested. With my designing I made sure to size the box correctly (3.5 inches for width x 2 inches for height). I focused on looking at corners and really focused on making this design look as professional as possible. I made sure this project had a consistent flow and feel in its look. I also used Indesign for part of this project.

Message: Simple Design is an up and coming fashion design company owned by my friend Leo Geng, they want to emphasize the message of simpleness in their logo.

Audience: Individuals interested in fashionable, classy and attractive clothing, specifically those who want to be involved with the company.

Top things I learned: I really learned how to use Adobe Illustrators different colors, shapes, and strokes while working on this project.

Color scheme: Monochromatic Red

Title Font & Category: Dancing Script Regular

Copy Font Name & Category: Open Sans Condensed Light



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