There’s Always Gonna Be Another Mountain

Though her day was well prepared, her sanity was very questionable. The exhausted girl clumsily threw herself upon her bike. Not realizing until afterward that it had been quite a while since she had last taken a bike ride.
She was sleep deprived and had a day of high hopes and dreams ahead of her, since she had planned things so well the evening before with her Google Keep to-do list, she was more than ready for an all day excursion. Her backpack weighed her down as it was filled with snacks, notebooks, a laptop, and other exciting things for her life.
The bike fell upon her leg/twisted her knee, a terrifying event for such an avid distance runner. Though slightly frazzled, she never let herself stop, consistently pressing forward with her life motto of “Keep Moving Forward”.
She attempted to get going.
She hobbled around the rest of the morning working on various college assignments and even biked her way across town. Returning to her apartment in the late afternoon her ‘Exercise Phys’ Major roomie strongly suggested that she take it easy for the day.
Though nothing too serious had occurred, the girl sat on the couch with a water bottle on her tummy and Santitas on her right not ‘allowed’ to move.
She was stuck.
Being stuck is quite a difficult thing for someone like this. It must be difficult to feel this way all the time, she thought to herself. This girl always seems to be going somewhere and was taught in this event that sometimes it is necessary to simply take a chill pill.
A sticky note on the wall of the girl’s bedroom reminds her the following daily, “ Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided to enable you to translate; but be diligent unto the end.”
The girl learned from this experience that even when everything in her world seemed to be falling apart that her Father in Heaven still loves her and that sometimes He throws the hardest things in the way to build up toughness. Someone once told her that God gives the toughest battles to the strongest soldiers, this can be applied to everyone.
Earlier that week the girls cell phone had completely freaked out causing her to lose all of her contacts and needing to re-download all of her apps, which is frustrating for someone who is a Communications major and is constantly contacting individuals and of course she could complain about several more intense or stressful things that happened because let’s face it, that is the life of a college student, but  sometimes it’s not worth it to tell everyone all of the struggles.
Everyone has their own battles and it is up to us, ourselves, individually, whether we will sit down discouraged leg smashed under the bike on the sidewalk crying, or hop up again and keep moving forward.
Beautiful actress Katharine Hepburn once said, “Life is hard, it kills you after all” this is very true so why not enjoy the journey, that girl who got tipped over from her big backpack is a firm believer in the idea of faking it until you are making it.
So you reading this, whatever backpack is weighing you down, whatever crazy mountains are thrown in front of you at the moment maybe instead of complaining about it to someone just look around and try your hardest to be grateful for the things that you have in life right now. You will never get tomorrow again.
Carry on and never give up. Listen to the Biebs and beliebe: “The grass ain’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it!” Stay strong you amazing human, the sun will rise tomorrow and every little thing is going to be just fine. Hang in there you got this!
CTR Everyone 🙂

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