Comm 100 Week 9

Tyler Christensen –  June 16, 2016

It was awesome to hear from a BYU-Idaho alumni speak to us about the importance of Graduation Planning. Brother Christensen told us a little bit about his college experience and how he was a student during the big transition from Ricks College to Brigham Young University – Idaho. He explained to us that we each need 120 credits to graduate and that we should try our best to get that amount of credits. Brother Christensen told us that Graduation Plans are important but only if we stick to them and use it. He cautioned us about our financial aid situations and to know that we should really keep up on financial aid emails and such and that we should make sure to truly understand what is going on because there have been situations in the past where students lose their financial aid because of excess credits. Brother Christensen also gave us a sneak preview of our universities new Graduation Planner System titled “iplan” which has been implemented already with English Majors and soon will be implemented with other Majors. As a student here at this university it was really neat to hear about these things and be reminded of the miracles we are part of each day at BYU-Idaho, there have been spectacular things occur here in the past ten or eleven years.


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