Distance Running

Distance running tends to be a love hate relationship for many individuals. From protein shakes to specialized training shoes the sport often times can be fairly addictive because of the positive results it ensures. Cross Country running is a sport available at many high schools across the United States. Most races range somewhere in between two and three miles at a time and students can compete in local levels all the way up to National competitions for them.

Running is a unique sport because it does not require any extra equipment from shoes, others need a ball, stick or bat of some kind while running mostly requires shoes. Shoes are different for each athlete because everyone has their own kind of feet. Running shoes need to be replaced after a couple hundred miles.

Something important to remember about distance running is how consistency is key. Runners generally train five to six days a week to ensure best results. Trainers often suggest cross training through exercises such as biking and swimming in order to prevent injury when runners feel worn down or are hurting in some way. Running is one way that individuals can release endorphins and clear their minds from many stressful components of life.


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