COMM 240 Blog Post #2

Running is supposed to be good for the body, get the heart pumping, strengthen muscles, build endurance and nearly 42 million Americans are considered runners today, according to RacePartner and Running USA.

On Oct. 17 McLean Hospital along with several papers published by the American Journal of Cardiology have data suggesting how marathon running may lead to heart damages, according to’s Ascribe Newswire.

Dr. Arthur Siegel, over Internal Medicine at McLean hospital analyzed several marathoner’s blood less than twenty-four hours after finishing their race and found factors which lead to heart attack many times. He found High levels of inflammatory and clotting. Siegel said he is concerned that many people have the vision that ‘more is better’ when it comes to exercise whereas it may increase some dangerous risks.

Charles Schulman, president of the American Running Association, said this information does not mean we should give up running entirely but that we need to understand more about how the body of humans reacts when stressed and that we need more understanding in terms of marathon running.

Studies have shown how over exercising and over training may lead to decreases in the function of immune systems and also disease risks increasing.

These studies bring up some interesting points in terms of distance running, many people do not tend to think of running as a dangerous way of exercising and when it actually come down to over-exercising as the real problem.


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