COMM 250 and DXC Analysis 1

The Organization in which I have chosen to analyze for my final project this semester is the Davis High School Cross Country TEAM, located in Kaysville, Utah. I was heavily involved with this TEAM for four years, I observed this TEAM prior to being old enough to run as a freshman because my elder brother named Logan ran on this TEAM and was the one who encouraged me to try it. I also continue to keep tabs on this organization because I have many friends and a younger sister who still associate with the TEAM. The coaching staff is currently the same and have enough depth to them to apply the concepts in which we discuss in class to them. Here is a news article about my coach Corbin Talley:

I have started applying the concepts in class to my TEAM already, I believe this will be an incredible term project, I am ready to take this seriously (even though I do not have to) and I hope to continue building upon my writing skills as I do this. I apologize in advance for any inside jokes I have with myself in the following text, and promise to take the final project very seriously because I know I can learn many things from this.


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