COMM 250 and DXC Analysis 2

4/20/17 Today in class we learned about a Classical Perspective of Organizational Communication referred to as the Machine. The Machine way of functioning is a beneficial perspective as well as restricting depending on the organization. The Machine is awesome in the sense that it can produce many wanted results (copies of the same thing) in a good amount of time, whereas other forms of production may be slower and want to factor in creativity.
The Davis Cross Country TEAM is a Machine in some ways because of how many runners there are as well as how they all seem to come out of the program very similar. For example: the runners tend to be good students, enjoy working hard, are tough, care about friendships, run hundreds of miles together, laugh at Coach Brandersons jokes, most serve LDS missions, many survived multiple AP classes, and many are even starting to marry within the Machine and will probably reproduce little gran Jan the running man inspired babies #couplesontheTEAM. For the most part runners from this organization earn good grades. The runners tend to have kind of a weird, twisted sense of humor, which may include hanging a stuffed animal moose by a noose and singing songs about raw hot dogs on a bus filled with stinky runners for 5 plus hours as it sojourns home to Kaysville from the Bob Firman Invitational in Boise, Idaho.

The Machine of Davis Cross Country works well to produce runners with similar values and is so effective, it tends to produce the desired outcomes and goals and is often times very successful.


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