COMM 250 and DXC Analysis 4

4/27/17 Today in class we discussed Organizational Communication in terms of Systems. I found this concept interesting to listen to because in a roundabout way we were able to tie Systems to diversity which was very awesome. We talked about the difference between an open system and a closed system and how systems with open communication have flexibility and for the most part are able to better develop and progress in an upward direction.

The concept of a System can be applied to the Davis Cross Country TEAM in the sense that DXC can be identified from some lenses as a ‘clique’. DXC runners tend to eat lunch together in a similar location, run together each day after school, train together all throughout the summer months, as well as tend to interAsk to High School dances.

We watched a video today describing teenagers and how it is healthy that they tend to find their group (this reminds me of “Stick to the Status Quo” on High School Musical) and we learned about how similarities can help a system to be strong as they think alike. From my experience, I have noticed that once an individual has joined DXC they are never quite the same. There are various levels of runner dedications ranging from: the ‘New Runner’ who is wearing their Walmart gym shoes and basketball shorts, the ‘middle man’ who work their tail off (literally- have no rear end) and often times place first on the Alternate list, or 11th at a Region meet when there are 10 medals given away, and last but not least ‘Jan’s Boys’ or the ‘Bavis Dabes’ runners who have sold their souls to Jan Corbin Talley: these individuals live, breath, and think DXC. Domination of State Championships, participation at Nike Cross Regionals and often years even attending the National competition in Portland, Oregon. Many of these runners have rightfully earned athletic scholarships to various collegiate running TEAMs (specific examples include USU, Weber State, UVU, Brigham Young University and SUU).


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