Experience Speech Outline

The following outline was used in my professional experience speech presentation:

I. Introduction

Who’s my audience? A class of college-level professionals.

Rhetorical question: How did you learn how to read?

Thesis: The Book of Mormon helps people to learn things.

II. Body

What happened?

A. Kindergarten: express to the class what events occurred to me at the age of 5. Reading was a struggle in Kindergarten yet it became easier once I studied the Book of Mormon with my family.

B. French Studies: express to the class how my French language studies improved immensely once I commenced an intense study of Le Livre de Mormon. I learned more French within my 3 months of French scripture study than years and years of previous studying.

-Mexico Ruins: elaborate on my experiences at Costa Maya. Explain to the class how I was able to tell someone else about the LDS Gospel Library App which includes the Book of Mormon in several languages. The Book of Mormon helped me to learn English and French, therefore, I know from personal experience the book can help us learn things.

III. Conclusion/Moral of the Story

What lesson can I learn from this? The Book of Mormon can help people to learn things. If this book means a great deal to you are you going to keep it to yourself or share it with those who do not yet understand its power?


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