Design Portfolio

Portfolio (   Project Corrections / Time Spent: I spent an hour and a fifteen minutes redoing my Montage Project as well as 35 minutes improving the layout of my Stationery Letterhead. The corrections I made are the following: Message: I want to showcase my work in a professional way while at the same time showing that I … More Design Portfolio


      Video Showcase: Description: A two sided trifold brochure in full color. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started this design by sketching many different idea’s and labeling a piece of paper very specifically so that I knew which frame would represent each area of my brochure. I began my trifold design in Adobe InDesign through using specific … More Brochure


Letterhead: Business Card (8.5×11 layout): Business Card (Close up view): Description: Letterhead and a business card that match well and are personally designed. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The purpose of letterhead is for official communications of a company. To commence this project I sketched out many different logo options for the Fashion company “Simple Design”. I … More Stationery


Description: Logo Design creation for a company Process: It was a neat experience to create Logo’s of my own in Adobe Illustrator. After trying several drafts and ideas, I asked many individuals for a vote of which design was the best. I chose the design that was liked best  by the majority which was also my favorite, yet … More Logos


Description: Compile an original photograph into a full bleed poster layout therefore demonstrating strong photography and image editing skills. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills: First of all, I formulated a plan for my poster by sketching out basic plans for the layout and photography of my picture. I went outside running with my camera and was … More Photodesign


Description: A promotional flier for a graduate leadership conference in Black and White. Process: To get a general idea of how to design my flier I looked at the flier examples online and became more observant to the many designs around me. I created sketches of my own unique fliers that I could potentially create which helped … More Flier