Brief on Running

How about a lifetime with a slower aging clock? A recent study from the Stanford University School of Medicine tracked 500 runners who are older for 20 years and found these elderly runners to have fewer disabilities and are less likely to die early, according to the research. James Fries, an emeritus professor of the … More Brief on Running

Running Shoes

Running for extended amounts of time may be an awesome way to exercise but it is important to make sure that your body can handle the stress that is being placed upon it. One key factor that needs to be considered is the running shoe. Just as runners come in all shapes and sizes so … More Running Shoes

Distance Running

Distance running tends to be a love hate relationship for many individuals. From protein shakes to specialized training shoes the sport often times can be fairly addictive because of the positive results it ensures. Cross Country running is a sport available at many high schools across the United States. Most races range somewhere in between … More Distance Running