TED Talk

The following link it to my video TED Talk on Habits by Nicole Wood given in Rexburg, Idaho in July 2018. Advertisements

Debate Outline

The following outline is for an in-class debate regarding the affirmative side of the Dress and Grooming standards of the  BYU-Idaho Honor Code: Issue: The BYU-Idaho Dress and Grooming Standards of the Honor Code promote a professional environment and are beneficial to the well-being of the students and faculty. Introduction/Statement of Position: The current components … More Debate Outline

Me in 30 Seconds

The following is a rough outline used for a personal interview to present myself to a fellow professional within a brief 30 second time period in order to make a great first impression. INTRODUCTION Interviewer: “Tell me about yourself…” Me: “To start off- there are three areas of focus in regards to my personal professionalism … More Me in 30 Seconds