Description: An inspirational full bleed visual image to be on display for any individuals seeking light.


  1. I was able to crop the background image to 8.5×11.
  2. I placed Jesse Gardner’s picture of the beautiful sunset lit sky as a background.
  3. I learned how the selection tools (especially the lasso tool) and how they each work in their own ways
  4. I moved the picture of the Light House from one tab to the other and practiced editing edges at 100% opacity, with a soft-edged brush, I firstly contemplated removing the glow of the feather yet figured out the edges. Painting away the edges but instead found the glow very beautiful in this piece.
  5. I blended the images together, adapted the sky with a goal of having an attractive montage.
  6. I added some my quotation in typography with two contrasting fonts and I added a layer style using white as the color of my text to make the text more legible.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop

Message: In this Montage I wanted to convey a profound message expressing perspective and significance in light in this world.
Audience: All individuals on earth who seek a deeper purpose and meaning in life.
Colorized/Filter applied and where: I selected sky background and applied changes in the levels
Color scheme : Analogous Color names:  Violetm Red and Brick
Top thing learned: How to use blending modes in Adobe Photoshop
Font #1 Name & Category: Quotation emphasis:  Eponymous Regular– Slab Serif
Font #2 Name & Category: Copy: Quick Sand Regular – Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:

P4 Tom Mossholder LH Red OregonP4 Sky1

Sources (Links to images on original websites):

Jesse Gardner- Melrose, US

Tim Mossholder- Port Orford, US


One thought on “Montage

  1. Hey Nicole! Absolutely love the photo you chose to go along with the quote you have. The first thing that caught my eye were the magnificent colors in the background. The way you masked the lighthouse and the beautiful sunset for the image was put together perfectly. Something I think you could change is the text font, in some way. It’s a little difficult to see with all the colors contrasting with the white. Try a more bold font family and see if that works for you better! Other than that, the message and art principles you included are great. Good job!

    Check out Tanner Waite’s montage to give you more ideas 🙂


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