Me in 30 Seconds

The following is a rough outline used for a personal interview to present myself to a fellow professional within a brief 30 second time period in order to make a great first impression.


Interviewer: “Tell me about yourself…”

Me: “To start off- there are three areas of focus in regards to my personal professionalism which you need to know in order to know me and they are: 1. I value time 2. I care about asking the right questions 3. I strive to constantly and effectively radiate enthusiasm and positivity.


Me: “As a distance runner, I know both the significance of the clock as well as persistence. You and I are business professionals but we are also human and each have a family who we love and cherish. I will empathetically value your time and never ever waste it.

“You can feel confident I will make the most of every second.”


Me: “As a journalist in the state of Idaho I have had the opportunity to ask questions to a number of professionals in various fields. I have obtained valuable networking connections through journalism which have led to other valuable experiences such a marketing and public relations internship in a hospital. Asking the right questions has helped me to further navigate and negotiate clarity through situations where I am surrounded by jargon which I often times do not understand completely.

“You will benefit from this skill of mine as the specific questions I ask are able to give direction and guide myself as well as those around me to get to the core of projects to productively and effectively accomplish goals in an efficient way.”


Me: “Both in former customer service positions as well as a recent nanny position, I directly saw the impact of my attitude, demeanor as well as facial expressions on the individuals I served.

“You will appreciate having an employee who happily encourages and lifts others. You will not have to worry about negativity because no matter the challenge or difficulty, I will choose to look for and incorporate a positive outlook which is full of hope.”


Me: “Effective time management, time, asking the right questions and consistent enthusiasm are vital elements of professionalism which I have and strive to improve each day.

Interviewer: “Thank you.” [will proceed to ask follow up questions based on topics I have adressed]


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