There’s Always Gonna Be Another Mountain

Though her day was well prepared, her sanity was very questionable. The exhausted girl clumsily threw herself upon her bike. Not realizing until afterward that it had been quite a while since she had last taken a bike ride. She was sleep deprived and had a day of high hopes and dreams ahead of her, since she had planned things … More There’s Always Gonna Be Another Mountain

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission!!

Something I’ve noticed quite frequently lately is an attitude of almost embarrassment for not serving a mission. It is not typically a discussed embarrassment but rather a look of sadness in ones eyes.

I find myself often times asking what’s up with this social pressure everyone, the brethren keep telling us that as sisters it is our choice and that is a decision that is between us and our Heavenly Father, nobody else.

Missions are amazing experiences. The vast majority of my friends are serving currently or have mission calls or are in the mission papers process currently, I know that the Lord calls us to serve in specific places at specific times because He knows much much more than us.

Sometimes I feel like Troy tumbling through the halls of East High having a complete breakdown: “I don’t know where to go what’s the right TEAM? I want my own dream, so bad I’m gonna scream!” … More I Hope They Call Me on a Mission!!