COMM 240 Blog Post #1

Distance running tends to be a love hate relationship for many individuals. From protein shakes to specialized training shoes the sport often times can be fairly addictive because of the positive results it ensures. Cross Country running is a sport available at many high schools across the United States. Most races range somewhere in between … More COMM 240 Blog Post #1

Project 9: Portfolio

Portfolio (   Project Corrections / Time Spent: I spent an hour and a fifteen minutes redoing my Montage Project as well as 35 minutes improving the layout of my Stationery Letterhead. The corrections I made are the following: Message: I want to showcase my work in a professional way while at the same time showing that I … More Project 9: Portfolio

Comm 100 Week 12

Shelia Wener – July 7, 2016 Thursday morning we had a presentation about the importance of internships. We discussed the fact that internships are important because they can help us determine or decide if we are on the right path with our major, they can allow us to stand out in the future when we are … More Comm 100 Week 12

Comm 100 Week 11

Brother Shane Cole – June 30, 2016 This past week we had an interesting discussion on the topic of ethics with Brother Cole. Ethics has to do with what is right and wrong and what is valued. We started the conversation discussed what sorts of things each of us value. I thought about myself as … More Comm 100 Week 11

Comm 100 Week 10

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 was BYU-Idaho’s Senior Showcase for the Communications Department. I had the opportunity to walk over with some friends and co-writers from the BYU-Idaho Scroll that I write with and once we got there I talked to so many neat people and learned some things that help me with the path I am … More Comm 100 Week 10

Project 7: Web Page

Project Screenshot: Description: A web page designed to showcase a logo that I personally created. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I created this web page using only TextWrangler along with the inspect element of CSS on the Firefox browser. I had never edited HTML or CSS previous to this project. It was exciting to see the … More Project 7: Web Page

Comm 100 Week 9

Tyler Christensen –  June 16, 2016 It was awesome to hear from a BYU-Idaho alumni speak to us about the importance of Graduation Planning. Brother Christensen told us a little bit about his college experience and how he was a student during the big transition from Ricks College to Brigham Young University – Idaho. He … More Comm 100 Week 9