Project #adoptabench

The idea of adopting a bench can be directly tied to religious freedom. #adoptabench is the idea that we all are human no matter where we live, what our background may be or what our circumstances may permit, we can all take a moment to sit down on a bench together and have a conversation. We can be civil and respect one another no matter what we believe or do not believe in.

Religious freedom not only includes the right to BELIEVE but also the right to ADVOCATE what I believe. Religious freedom also defends the right to ABSTAIN from certain belief. Though we may not agree with the person who we are sitting next to on any bench at any given time, that individual can have their thoughts and convictions, we ourselves can have our own thoughts and beliefs, and we may not agree with one another but we can still be civil and polite.

Today is the day to unite together and remember that every person matters. Let us take a moment of reflection and #adoptabench.

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